BOOP encourages collaboration and teamwork among key people. A fully customisable interface means BOOP supports teachers and parents to help nurture the individuality of each student so that they can grow at their own pace and in confidence of their own capabilities and strengths.


The BOOP platform promotes an inclusive and diverse learning environment where students of all abilities are supported through one platform. Implemented both in the classroom and at home, it provides consistent support, that extends beyond the school gates. It has enhanced features to accommodate Special Educational Needs students who require additional areas of support, so teachers can individually tailor resources and learning activities within BOOP. 


BOOP engages and connects the key people involved in the student's development. Encouraging positive communication by connecting families to the classroom and adding healthcare professionals to the team ensures everyone is working towards the same goal and in the students best interests. 

Structured Learning 

BOOP supports and encourages student progress throughout their day, providing a much-needed structure and consistency. They are able to independently access the unique learning resources created by their team. It's a safe place to share and document their learning and experiences.

Teacher/Parent Tools 

With our unique content creation tool, teachers and parents can create and share their own custom made educational activities and visual resources for their students. They are able to track student progress in real-time and gain more meaningful insights. 


Available on iOS and Android BOOP is easily accessible across many devices, it is convenient for teachers to pick up in a busy classroom. The design is intuitive, fun and easy to use.