Dyslexia Keyboard App is an iOS/iPadOS custom software keyboard helping users with dyslexia and dysgraphia to write, proofread and correct texts.


An important feature of the Dyslexia Keyboard App is its unique Quick-Spell Word-Prediction that increases writing speed by successfully predicting intended words and providing instant correction upon the first typed misspelled letters. Still, it must be emphasized that after writing an essay or an email using Word-Prediction or Dictation, text correction is required, mainly to fix possible confused words and to add punctuation. The keyboard corrects texts by using the patented Ghotit Text Correction Engine. It fixes misspelled and confused words, homophones, grammar and punctuation errors.


The new feature added to the Dyslexia Keyboard App is Text Correction by Paragraphs. It increases productivity of text correction by correcting several sentences at single run.



Another newly added feature is Dictation which can be directly activated at the Dyslexia Keyboard. Long tap the microphone image at the space-bar, and the dictation page appears. Dictate and by tapping “Apply Dictation” button insert the dictated text to your original app.


Floating Keyboard is a nice feature added by Apple to iPadOS in new iPad devices, and it’s now supported by Dyslexia Keyboard. Bringing keyboard close to the point of writing has advantages for some writers by helping them to focus their attention without breaking line of sight.


Order Dyslexia Keyboard at iTunes:


Another option is to order it in an iPad bundle with Ghotit Real Writer App, our Dyslexia-friendly editor:



Both Ghotit apps are Educational Apps with bulk educational pricing available for schools, districts and colleges.