Book/ Audio Books about Autism written by Amy Le Dain

Hi All, 

Anna here, I found these fabulous books this morning written by Amy Le Dain, who has used her own experience with Autism to write the series. There are even some audio versions.

"Join Finn, Ollie & Astrid as we explore the Autistic community and what it means to them. This book is an introduction to our characters and how certain traits affect their everyday life. 

In this book not one character is the same and each have different experiences of being Autistic. I myself spent many years feeling different and not really fitting in anywhere. Then I received my Autism diagnosis; and for the first time I understood. I understood why I reacted differently to other people. Why I did the things I did. 

I wrote this book in the hope that it would help Autistic children understand themselves and non-Autistic children understand what is meant by the term Autistic. " Amy Le Dain

Amy's books can be purchased via her website by clicking on the above image.​