Special DSA & AtW Price for Spellex Write-Assist, our Web Based Assistive Toolbar Software Package

Have you tried Spellex Write-Assist for Chrome, our all-in-one AT Toolbar for the Web?

A lot of people know about our course specific vocabularies and specialty industry spell checkers for Microsoft Office, Dragon, and more. But did you know that Spellex also offers a standalone AT product for students and professionals?

Spellex Write-Assist for Chrome is our all-in-one assistive technology toolbar that works with web browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and more!

Now you can use features like text-to-speech, dyslexic type fonts, pronunciations, definitions, text magnification, screen masking, spelling, note taking, picture dictionaries, translation tools, and more on the Web!

With our special DSA and AtW pricing, you can purchase a lifetime licence with all these great Assistive Technology features for only £99 GBP! Special educational pricing is also available for universities and schools!

See Spellex Write-Assist for Google Chrome in action!

Are you interested in a free webinar for Spellex Write-Assist or need a free assessor or trainer licence? Then visit the Spellex DSA & AtW Portal today for more information!